Urban News Network Welcomes Earnest McBride

Earnest McBride Joins Urban News Network

Veteran journalist Earnest McBride brings to the Urban News Network more than 45 years of penetrating, professional news reporting talent that few other career journalists have at their command.

Even before graduating from high school in his native Vicksburg, MS, McBride already had acquired a broad familiarity with the mechanics of the newspaper press and hosted a weekly radio talk-show for teenagers over WVIM Radio 1490-AM in 1958-59. Taking a break from college in California during the years 1961-1964, he joined the US Army and worked as a field radio repair specialist and as an entertainer in Army Special Services with tours of duty in France, Germany and Turkey.

Armed with a BA degree in Journalism from Cal State Los Angeles and a Master’s in Language Studies from San Francisco State, McBride began a broad-based career in public relations, freelance journalism and as an English instructor at Los Angeles City College in 1970.

“I am very deeply committed to the pursuit of democracy, justice and equality for all and I work hard to demonstrate this in my writing and reporting,” he says. “I learned early on that a truly competent journalist has to go far beyond the simple facts presented to him or her from an untold number of different sources. Each fact has a history, a proper context and a relationship to other facts. Seeking out and revealing those special, and sometimes intricate, relationships among facts leads to an approximation of truth. And the journalistic creed that I adhere to demands that I always report ‘the truth’ as I see it and know it to be.”

A freelance journalist since 1967, he has worked as editor of the Rockwell International (now a subsidiary of Boeing, Inc.) News, contributing editor of the Jackson Advocate, Unit Publicist at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, reporter for the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Sentinel. Living Blues Magazine and a number of other media companies.

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